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About us

Ingenieurbüro de Vries (IDV) is an efficient engineering company in the field of process measurement and control technology in teacher training. We have been working very successfully in the field of teacher training since 1992.

We concentrate on the following focuses:

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced seminars on all the technologies mentioned.

Our aims are:

The IDV training systems are developed so that all devices from the different fields of control technology are compatible with each other. All electrical devices can be used for hydraulics as well as for pneumatics or PLC. Our service and thus also the customer potential extends to training centres, vocational schools, universities of applied sciences and larger companies’ training workshops. As pneumatics, hydraulics and also PLC technology is used in all industrial sectors we are also not fixed on one industry but in principle anywhere and everywhere where there is "automation".

We have also developed so-called “examination kits” for the tests in the final examinations. These can be applied in the following professions…

in industry:

as well as in the trades: