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Control technology seminars

Our training objective: You are fit for the examination or the training

Well qualified professional personnel is a basic prerequisite for the economical and beneficial application of pneumatic, hydraulic and programmable control technology, regardless of whether in industry, the trades or in training.

I D V seminars can help you with this.

The theoretical learning material is made memorable and clear with modern teaching materials, like work transparencies, exercise books, protocol forms and films about applications.

Practical implementation is carried out with practical training systems and demonstration models. By assembling and testing all developed circuits as well as troubleshooting, the learning matter is practised and the knowledge gained is deepened.

Didactic comments and suggestions for carrying out training are also given to instructors.

The seminar content is geared towards the participants’ professional fields and is constantly adapted to the current status of technology.

We guarantee ourselves and our lecturers who are experienced in technology and instructor training for improving your theoretical and practical knowledge.

A certificate is awarded for successful learning.

Target groups for all seminars: teachers, instructors and lecturers from educational and professional vocational and further training, developers, practitioners and apprentices.

Over 20 years experience speaks for itself!!